Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Summer

Test your swimming pool equipment to make sure it runs and doesn't leak.  Now is the time to address problems.

Test the water.  Depending on your winter preparations, you may need to drain your pool and refill.  Pools usually need to be drained at least every 3-5 years, but check your manual to see what your manufacturer specifications say.  If you have a large in ground swimming pool, you may want to consider hiring a professional pool maintenance person.  This can be expensive.  You will want to determine whether what you can afford.  Some pool service companies may recomment an acid wash to remove the white build-up along the water line.

If you have a salt water swimming pool, you will want to add salt, unless you have drained your pool.

If you aren't going to drain your swimming pool, you will want to shock the water. 

Once you start prepping your swimming pool for the summer, you will need to set a regular cleaning schedule to remove debris, and to check your pump and filters.  While robotic cleaners are the most convenient, they can be expensive, so you may need to use a standard swimming pool vacuum that connects to your pump.

Put in a new filter, if you have an above ground swimming pool, or clean your filter, if your swimming pool is an in groupd pool.

If you can afford to hire a pool maintenance person, it's worth it.  They specialize in swimming pool maintenance and will be able to make sure your pool stays clean, sparkling and that all your chemicals are at the correct levels. 

Finally, once the temperature is warm enough, and your pool is open, jump in and enjoy!

Your Swimming Pool in Winter

Be sure to check your swimming pool periodically throughout the winter to make sure that there are no cracks and that the ice isn't causing damage to the pool or liner.  This is especially important if you have an above ground pool.  You won't want any surprises when spring rolls around and you decide to open your pool, only to discover that it's been damaged over the winter.  Ice equalizer pillows are a good tool to keep ice from damaging your pool.  Need to stock up on summertime pool supplies?  Winter is a great time to do that. 

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